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Comparative Analysis of Electric Power Generation and Demand Forecast in Nigeria

Comparative Analysis of Electric Power Generation and Demand Forecast in Nigeria

Publication Date : 01/03/2017

Author(s) :

Iloh, J. P. , Obi, P. I. .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 1
(03 - 2017)

Abstract :

This paper analyzes the statistics of power generation and power transmitted in Nigeria over the period spanning from 23rd February to 8th June 2015. The data used for the analysis were collected from the periodic update of power statistics on the official website of the Federal Ministry of Power in Nigeria. The results showed that the highest peak generation occurred on the 16th of March when the value stood at 4,115.10 MW. The maximum average power generated and average power sent out over the same period occurred on the 23rd of February when the values were 3,699.23 MWH/H and 3,623.11 MWH/H respectively. Although the average efficiency of transmission system over the period under review was 97.76%, the best efficiency figure recorded for the system was 97.94 % which occurred on the 23rd February. The overall averages for the peak generation, energy generated and energy sent out were 3,639.82 MW, 3254.52 MWH/H and 3181.83 MWH/H respectively. These results also show that an average of about 72.69 MWH/H of energy was being lost between the generation and transmission subsystems. These figures clearly show that power generation in the country is still a far outcry from the peak demand forecast for the country which is 12,800 MW as projected by the Federal Ministry of Power.

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