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Rheological Study of Performance Enhancement of Ubakala Clay for Use as Drilling Mud

Rheological Study of Performance Enhancement of Ubakala Clay for Use as Drilling Mud

Publication Date : 01/04/2019

Author(s) :

Allison, F. N. , Nwanekezie, M. N, Osoka, E. C .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 2
(04 - 2019)

Abstract :

This work studied the performance enhancement of Ubakala clay for use as drilling mud. A sample of Ubakala clay was used for this research. The clay sample was collected, processed and beneficiated with varying concentrations of soda ash (0-6wt %). Experiments were conducted to determine the viscosities of the control and clay-soda ash mixture at different curing time intervals (0-8hours), temperatures (30 O C-90 Website: Email: Page 1 O C) and speed of agitation (200rpm-600rpm). Response surface methodology, with the aid of MATLAB statistical toolbox was used to perform a statistical study and optimization of the data obtained from the study. The MATLAB curvefitting toolbox was also used to determine the rheological model that best fit the beneficiated clay and its control. The result revealed that soda ash concentrations, temperature, curing time and their interactions terms are significant variables in the statistical model with temperature being the most significant term, while time is the least significant term. The rheological study of the process showed that the Bingham plastic model appropriately described the performance of the clay samples as it gave the best fit for most of the samples (71.67%) studied, based on the value of the adjusted R 2 . The graphical representation of the control showed a decreasing rate in viscosity within the required range of speed of agitation unlike those of the clay soda ash mixture. Further work on Bingham model shows that an optimum predictive value of yield stress occurs for a curing time of 8hours, temperature of 90 0 C and soda ash concentration of 5.183wt% are the operating parameters for enhancing the performance of Ubakala clay sample for use as a drilling mud.

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