International Journal of Innovative Engineering, Technology & Science

Comparative Evaluation of Microwave Thermography and Mammography

Comparative Evaluation of Microwave Thermography and Mammography

Publication Date : 19/10/2020

Author(s) :

Edward, O. S., Ugenlo, L. O. , Nwabueze, C. A..

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 2
(10 - 2020)

Abstract :

Mammography is widely used in early breast cancer detection and prevention although it constitutes ionizing radiation (X-ray) properties of which continuous exposure could lead to chances of cancer. On the other hand, thermography operates under infrared and microwave region consisting of non-ionizing radiation properties and is used not just for breast cancer detection and other special applications in medical services but also for Surface Month Technology (SMT) , Printed Circuit Board (PCB) evaluation and troubleshooting, etc. In the bid to design and develop modern technologies especially for testing and measurement systems in medical and engineering services with less false positive result, mammography and thermography are generally considered. Their applications, uses and limitations are presented in this paper with emphasis on design and development of multiple task engineering systems. The study shows that for breast cancer diagnosis, mammography has 96.1% accuracy while thermography has 97.1% accuracy. Mammography has high false positive result when compared with thermography leading to dangerous threat on the patients. Although mammography is very common and cost effective, it is recommended that thermography be further developed to increase its use and application in health services.

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